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  • An open Beta Testing was launched in “World of Warships” online game


    An open Beta Testing was launched in “World of Warships” online game. Now everyone can download the game for free from the official website.
    World of Warships is a new game brought up by a Belarusian company ““. It is focused on battles between warships of the beginning and middle-XX century. At the moment there are two “branches” of ships, which are are Japanese and American warships. Soon USSR and Britain warships will be added as well.
    It is the third game in military series of ““. Two previous projects: “World of Tanks” and “World of Planes” already took their places in hearts of millions of players all over the world. Let`s keep an eye on the future of this game.

  • Valve Corporation Opens Their Server in Dubai.



    A huge amount of Middle Eastern players were waiting for such an event for a long time (Yeah, I`m one of them.) Valve has finally made their servers for its online games! Now gamers can play such games as: Dota 2, Counter Strike: Global Offensive, Team Fortress 2 in way more comfortable conditions. Less ping = more pleasure and fun you get from every game you play.

    As well it is a great opportunity to play with gamers from your region! Communicate, add each other, meat in real life, create teams, and improve your gaming skills together! It is always, way more interesting to compete with other players from your country/region, to realize at which level you are there.

    The servers are based in Dubai with Datamena/Du helping with the upkeep of the server. As well Valve is planning to expand their partnership with other providers such as Etisalat, Level3, TATA, Vodafone, Reliance and Sify.

    Start playing on new server, meet new friends from your country, cooperate, and meet you in some random game of Dota 2 on Dubai server!

  • Newbee are in the Guinness Book of Records.



    Chinese eSports organization “Newbee eSports Club” set a world record by getting the biggest prize for eSports tournament after their team managed to win the grand final of the biggest tournament “The International 2014” and earned $ 5,028,308. 

In the United States The International 4 competes with the most popular sports. The prize pool of NBA Playoffs is $ 13,000,000 dollars and is shared between all the teams involved in the playoffs. The winners of the last competition received $ 2,300,000 dollars, that is 2.17 less than Newbee won.

Together with The International 2014 Valve managed to get ahead such prestigious golf tournaments, as The Open Championship ($ 8,800,000), The Masters ($ 9,000,000) and PGA Championship ($ 10,000,000). First “The Open Championship” was played in 1860, and the first “The International” – just three years ago. This shows how progressive cyber sport is nowadays. Prize pools get much bigger every year.

A starting prize pool of The International 2014 was $ 1,600,000. Thanks to the gaming community, amount of $ 9,328,675 was added. What’s interesting is that each player of the “Newbee” team had won more under one tournament, than any other cyber sportsman during his entire career.

  • Naxxramas Appeared in Hearthstone.



    Blizzard has released the first major update to Hearthstone – single-user mode called “The Curse of Naxxramas.” Naxxramas – legendary dungeon, appeared in the classic version of World of Warcraft. In Hearthstone Naxxramas is divided into several blocks. Each of those quarters has its own boss. Each of the bosses has its own unique abilities, and to defeat them (especially in heroic mode) you will have to assemble a special deck.


    First quarter of Naxxramas was opened on July 23. Second – on July 30. There are five of them in total and they will be opened one per week. The first quarter is free, the rest will have to be bought, 700 gold for each quarter. The reward for completing Naxxramas will be new cards.

  • Misbehaviour in Leauge Of Legends will be punished



    Players, who often express themselves negatively during the game, will not be entitled to awards for ranked games in season 4. Riot Games have been waiting for positive attitude and sports manners from players for quite long. Those, who can`t control themselves in communication with other players, are usually reported to the Tribunal. But in the end of Season 4, those players who ignored the guidance of the Tribunal, will be left without ranked-awards. Those, who will be punished  will first be notified by letters sent to their e-mails. As Riots said “Awards reflect not only player`s skill, but his sports attitude as well”. I hope that most of you, guys are polite players and will not be affected by this decision. Let`s all wait our ranked awards for season 4!